To: All Employees
From: The Management
Re: Socializing with Patrons
Employees are urged to take note and strictly follow the below clauses, which aim to regulate employees socialising with casino patrons;

1. Subsidiary legislation 400.01. GAMING ACT REGULATIONS
Clause 24 (5)- “…It shall not be lawful for a casino employee to socialise or in any other way collaborate with persons playing in the casino within or outside the casino premises in a manner which is bound to, or could likely, prejudice the performance of the duties of the casino employee.”

2. Company GENERAL GAMING PROCEDURES Doc Number: GD/015/002 Rev: 02
“For a dealer’s own protection, and so that they will always be above suspicion, family members or friends should never be allowed to play at their table.”

May I remind you that the above regulations are also in place to safeguard the well-being and safety of Company employees. Any employee who does not follow these policies will be subject to disciplinary action.

The Management.

New Structure Changes

Dear All,

It has been a month since Gianfranco joined the company in the capacity of Executive Director. Over this time period,  he has been working closely with the Corporate  Senior Management team  to evaluated the position of our company and to establish better our desired future state.

It became very  clear to us that in today’s highly competitive  and fast changing market, in which clients’ loyalty can be easily shifted  through immediate real time comparison between services offered by our competitors, there is only one way forward ! This is to excel in customer service. Excelling requires us to deliver a  consistent, tailor made and timely service.

However, knowing one’ destination is only a small part of the story… One needs to have the  guiding tool to move into that direction. This guiding tool is what is referred to as the Strategy, or in  more simple terms the plan of action designed to achieve our overall aim of Service Excellence. The strategy we are proposing is one that places the employee at the centre, one which is built on Employee Empowerment, by which  every employee is given the power to exercise control over  his/her job  and take responsibility for consequences of his actions. In so doing, each of you will be  contributing significantly to reaching organisational success.

Obviously, empowerment is not an automatic process and that is why  it is the Company’s first priority to  provide each an every employee  with all information, knowledge, skills  and support  needed to be able to take full charge of one’s job. Such a task has led to changes in the organisational structure. Changes, which as you will see,  albeit minor will significantly bring our company  forward.

As outlined in the attached structure, there are a few changes that needs a special note;

  1. Gianfranco Scordato/Patrick Demanuele/ Audrey Vella will directly be involved (ad interim) in supervising some main areas.
  2. Jesmond Galea has been appointed  Operations Manager. In this position, he will work closely with Patrick in overseeing the overall operations processes of the company.
  3. Jesmond has also taken on the role (ad interim) of  Live Gaming Corporate Manager, which means that in addition to the operational aspect, he is also responsible to  handle centralized tasks (for both casinos) related to the live gaming. These include (but not limited to) introducing new games and variances; overseeing training and installation of new equipment; negotiating new junkets contracts and live gaming events, etc.
  4. Antionette Tabone  will maintain her position as Slots Corporate Manager, handling Slots dept. for both casinos.
  5. In addition to her present position, Antoinette will also be (ad interim) serving the company as Oracle Casino Manager. In this position, she  will be the main referent of our casino and she will be responsible to ensure that the casino is operating at required performance standards, while actively seeking new areas of improvement, as well as new business opportunities.
  6. The same position, referred to Portomaso Casino Manager –  is currently vacant and we are actively searching for suitable candidates. A call has been issued.

We strongly believe that these changes are the first step towards a successful future, which will be made possible thanks to the commitment of every single employee.. Because together, we can indeed make things happen!


Danica Psaila

Official Tumas Gaming Group LinkedIn page

Dear All,

We are excited to inform  you that we have just created  an official Tumas Gaming  Group LinkedIn page. This page will aim at showcasing our company by providing the biography of the company, latest news, information on events, products and services and also act as an advertising board for external vacancies.

I invite and encourage all of you to act as ambassadors of our company by following us! All you have to do is log onto your personal LinkedIn account and click on the  ”follow” button. You will then be able to  comment on existing posts and share them.  I also encourage you to  edit your details by adding the Company name and specifying your position e.g. “Oracle – Slot technician” or “Portomaso – poker dealer”

If you do not have a LinkedIn account this may just be the perfect excuse to create one J !

As always, we thank you for your continued support and collaboration.


Danica Psaila

Tumas Gaming Logo